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Dr. Kaye B. Otter
Board Certified in Nutrition
Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
8100 Penn Ave. S.  Suite 103
Bloomington, MN 55431
Patient Reviews

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I was having severe back pain after a car accident and received a letter from Dr. Otter that offered a free pain relief massage.  I made an appointment with her and a couple other chiropractors that had also sent me letters. My first appointment was with Dr. Otter.  After seeing her, I knew this was the place to be and didn't go to the other appointments.

When I first came in I had back pain every day that was so severe I didn't want to walk or go anywhere.  After the very first session I felt better. Over time I've noticed a difference in my muscles because she doesn't just focus on the pain, but on the problem that's causing the pain.

I could tell she knew what she was doing--she's won lots of awards. The staff there are awesome. They are courteous and get you where you need to go on time.  Seeing Dr. Otter changed my life. I'd tell people to go see her because she knows what she's doing and cares about injured people.  I'm so glad she sent the letter.

 Mike H. 9.27.18


I met Dr. Otter at a Curves fitness class where she was giving free massages.  I got a couple free massages and came into her clinic.

I was having a lot of lower back pain and whatever I tried was not helping. My doctor said if it gets bad we can do surgery. I'd never been to a chiropractor, but have been coming to Dr. Otter ever since.  I liked that I never had to have back surgery.  

Recently, I'd been experiencing really bad vertigo.  It was like walking across a fun house floor.  Everything moved.  Just standing up everything was spinning around. I had to be careful sitting down.  If I was driving and turned a wide corner it would be triggered. I didn't trust myself to walk--felt like I would fall down.

I let it go on about a month, thinking it would go away, but it became worse. I came into the clinic and Dr. Otter did a series of adjustments that day.  By the end of the treatment the floor was not moving anymore.  She also gave me exercises to do daily at home. 

Since then, I've been doing the exercises. In the time between my last appointment and today, I've not had the sensation of the floor moving.

It was only when I looked up that things would spin. After today's treatment, I can look up and I'm okay.  I like that she gave me some new exercises that were similar, but focusing on a different spot.

I've been coming in all these years for a tune-up. You tune up a car; need to tune-up your body. Keep everything in place.  It's made a world of difference. Things are staying in place. I'd recommend other people come see Dr. Otter.

  Sue B. 10.2.18


Meeting Dr. Otter 18 years ago changed my life. Back then, I was running marathons and had severe back pain. I really wanted to increase my marathoning and was on track to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I knew I couldn't get there with this pain.

 I'd seen a chiropractor and gotten some relief, but nothing stuck. I wanted something more permanent. Medical doctors had just pain management. I didn't want drugs to affect my running and, yet, it would take 18 miles to just work out the tightness and pain in my back. I couldn't have a 3 to 6 mile training all in pain or do speed work. So, I stopped running.

 Then, I met Dr. Otter when she was teaching community education class. My wife and I had signed up for her class on massage. As I lay on the table as the volunteer, Dr. Otter was demonstrating techniques my back and could tell something was wrong.

 At the time, I was on daily steroidal drug. I wasn't happy about taking drugs on a daily basis for the rest of my life. So, I came in for treatment and within six weeks I was off the drugs and pain free. Dr. Otter put me on a monthly treatment plan that has worked now for 18 years.

 About 8 weeks ago, the monthly maintenance wasn't sticking. I had a flare-up between appointments and couldn't walk with the pain down my right side. Dr. Otter suggested that I do the "Intensive Care Plan" where I came in for 4 treatments in between my regular monthly visits for a total of 6 visits. The Intensive treatments were similar to the regular appointments, but more focused on the root cause. Dr. Otter also gave me exercises to do at home.

 After the Intensive Care Program, I was able to sleep on my back after not being able to for years. I was sleeping better. The exercises really help--the tightness just washes away. I'm just finishing up a home landscaping project where I'm digging ditches and laying 6 tons of gravel. Going into this I expected achiness at the end of day 1 but had none. End of day 2... none. Day 3..I felt just a twinge, did my stretches, and nothing became of it.

 I feel the best I have in years after doing the intensive! I have optimism that I can do things I had to set aside. Now, I think I can be serious about running again (Boston here I come!).

 The Intensive Care Program is a way to get to a new plateau. If you're on a maintenance plan, but the treatment isn't sticking or you feel like you're just maintaining or managing...think about it.

 p.s. One month later:  Alex rode in the Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour... none of the usual after effects! That got a thumbs up from Alex!

Alex D.         9.13.18


I met Dr. Otter at May Day and came to her clinic for a free massage. We talked about how I was always in pain and comparing myself to others who weren't. With the pain, I felt like I was always trying to conserve my energy. I had to be careful in order to have energy to do other things. I'm fairly healthy and knew that wasn't right at my age (24).

I'd never been to a chiropractor before and liked Dr. Otter. I felt better after the first visit and could tell she knew what she was doing and what was wrong with me.

I used to be able to walk all the time. Then, over a period of three years, the pain in my hips got worse and worse. It really slowed me down. I couldn't walk much at all. When I'd go for a walk with my boyfriend, I couldn't keep up. I would have to rest after a half hour. Because of the hip pain I had to take shorter walks and started biking or driving if the distance was greater.

Since being treated by Dr. Otter, it's been so much better. Recently, I took a trip to Europe. Knowing we'd be walking a lot for two weeks, I was worried. On the trip, I barely had any hip pain, even though I had been walking every single day and hitting my highest step count of 32,000 steps! If I felt a little, I started to worry but nothing came of it. Normally, I would have needed to take Advil to keep up.

I really appreciated that Dr. Otter put me on a treatment plan that fit with my finances. By staying on the plan and doing exercises at home it gave me the jump start I needed to exercise more. I work at an office 8 hours a day and have started taking a 20-minute walk every day with my co-workers. I'm even the one who initiated taking the walks! Before, I was sitting at day at the office and coming home tired. Now, that I'm walking at work  I still have energy at the end of the day!

Micaela M         8.7.18

I met Doctor Otter at a Health Expo. I was having shoulder pain from an injury when I tripped and fell on a cement floor. The doctors I saw told me it was rotator cuff injury and I might need surgery. Surgery just won’t work for me due to cost and time off work I can’t afford. I came to see Dr. Otter because I wanted my shoulder fixed by natural methods AND I needed my shoulder fixed because it hurt when I did my work of professional housecleaning and the pain in my shoulder slowed me down.

I came for my first visit on a free offer and it was wonderful. What Dr. Otter did really helped my shoulder pain and her explanation of what was wrong and what needed to be done was thorough.

I decided to start treatment with dr otter because I like getting well with natural methods and dr otter incorporates with her chiropractic treatment other things that work: muscle percussion therapy, nutritional supplements, knowledge of acupuncture.

My result from treatment is that I feel so good! I have healthy circulation with pain and stress removed from my shoulder and my knees and hips are better too!

SJ 7.30.16

I met Dr. Otter at a health expo and came to her clinic on a free offer My experience in the clinic exceeded my expectations. We talked about the low back pain I had almost every day sitting for long hours at my computer job.

What impressed me was that her recommendations were not a hard sell. It was up to me to accept the treatment she proposed to help me with my low back pain. It was very clear to me that Dr. Otter really wants to help people; she makes recommendations only if needed with lots of information and no pressure. She is quite comfortable with a person's decision to not follow her recommendations.

I did decide to have Dr. Otter treat me based on her perspective of creating and maintaining long term health. I have had several car accidents and I run 5 to 7 marathons a year, so I appreciate the results. My low back ache is gone! The automobile accidents I had after starting care were handled well with acute and rehabilitative care. It is amazing how I am almost never injured despite the miles I run. I am the least injured of my fellow marathon runners including several in their twenties. I credit my care from Dr. Otter with having a lot to do with that.

I appreciate the flexible financial plans available that include bonus services and savings on the cost of treatment. If my schedule of running, teaching and performing is tight, they get me out on time having received a great treatment. Overall, I feel fabulous and I hate missing a treatment on my wellness plan because that is what keeps me running!

KKO 7.30.16

I first saw Dr. Otter for help with leg and knee pain that occurred when I would run or play golf. I could not play 18 holes of golf without pain. I came in for a first free visit and at that visit, Dr.Otter exceeded my expectations. I could tell that she knew what she was doing when she told me what was wrong and what additional treatment was needed.

At the time I was seeing another chiropractor who was providing acute care which temporarily helped the pain, but my problem was not getting any better. Dr. Otter gave me reasons why my leg and knee were not healing.

In my care with Dr. Otter she has proactively treated the IT band (a tendon that when irritated and tight can cause knee pain in runners) versus just popping my knee back into place. Now I am running and golfing with NO pain!

I had seen a couple of chiropractors before Dr. Otter and no one gave me the reason why I had knee pain. Dr. Otter treats the whole body in addition to focusing on the primary concern, so I can add that my headaches have decreased from 1 to 2 a week to 1 a month while receiving treatment from Dr. Otter.

Ben L. 7.27.16


When I met Dr. Otter I was already looking for help with my right ...shoulder that had been painful for over 15 years due to several past ...accidents. I had so much pain for so long that I had become used to ...living with it.

She invited me to her clinic for an initial free visit that went very well; ...I was pleased with the information I received about my shoulder ...problem and the massage therapy I received gave me relief. I then ...made a decision to start treatment. Financial arrangements were ...handled upfront and easily. After my shoulder began to improve with ...Dr. Otter's treatment, she then began treating my buttock and ...hamstring pain that was constant and stopping me from running.

As a result of Dr. Otter's treatment I can run now! I do not have pain ...when I run and I can sprint faster than I have been able to in years! I ...can now do a couple of yoga postures I used to not be able to do ...without going off balance.and having to steady myself with my ...hands. My shoulders used to be.uneven no matter what I tried - yoga, …exercise, rowing and other chiropractic care. Now my shoulders are …even. My.posture is a million times better!

I had gone to other chiropractors before and got results but nothing ...has been as good as the outcome from Dr. Otter's advanced ...treatment.approach which combines adjustments, muscle and .. ...tendon soft tissue massage with percussion therapy for great results.

MM 7.25.16

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